About Sushi Zono

Sushi Zono is a family-owned Japanese restaurant and sushi bar, located outside of downtown Campbell.  “Zono” is the Japanese word for “garden” and the experience is just the same, variety and freshness.  The restaurant has been around for over 20 years and has seen many positive reviews from critics.  Its patrons consist of new customers but majority are regulars who have been going to Sushi Zono for years.

Haru Takeda, owner and head chef, has experience in sushi well over 25 years.  It is this devotion to the art of sushi that results in fresh, beautifully cut fish that is without peer in the area.  Eibo Takeda, son of the owner, has also taken into the dream and is currently working as sushi chef at Sushi Zono.

Sushi Zono offers great service and food.  We recommend you try the unique appetizers only found at this restaurant as well as the freshest fish found in the area. We have a wide selection of Japanese cuisine, from noodles and rice dishes to sushi.